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Unit Dose Packaging

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  • We would like to express in words how truly grateful we are, not only for the service and products Advanced Tissue provides, but also for your individual commitment to excellent service and honoring what it means to be human! You are knowledgeable, prompt, and thorough, yet you are also kind and compassionate. Thank you.

    Clinicianin Miami, Florida +

We’re Working for You

We don’t follow trends, we set them. That’s why Advanced Tissue is the recognized national leader in the delivery of wound care supplies. Wound care is our only business and we are experts. We are the only supply-delivery company working in both long term care facilities AND clinics seeing patients. This unique combined focus allows us to offer products tailored to the needs of clinicians and the individuals they serve.

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Simplifying The Challenge of Wound Care

With our Unit Dose Packaging, each daily supply of advanced wound dressings is packaged individually in an easy-open package. Advanced Tissue is the only supplier making wound care this simple for you.

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