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Bamboo Used to Develop New Wound Care Dressing

Bamboo Used to Develop New Wound Care Dressing

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These new bamboo dressings were found to accelerate wound healing as well as prevent issue with odors.

These new bamboo dressings were found to accelerate wound healing as well as prevent issue with odors.

Anyone who has even the faintest insight might be aware of the sheer number of unique material types used in the wound care industry.

There are the more traditional options, like collagen and hydrocolloid. While those options are relied on most often in hospital settings, researchers are continually making upgrades and improvements. Part of that expansion means new materials. For instance, fish have become a frequent source for wound dressings, as their skin contains several beneficial compounds. However, not all new dressing types are as organic; some feature computer technology to make monitoring a snap.

Now, another dressing-related breakthrough has emerged courtesy of a team of doctors from the Centre of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing in Punjabi, India.

BIG bamboo breakthrough

As the Times of India reported recently, the CIAB collective has created a special new dressing type composed of bamboo. Sudesh Kumar, who a scientists on the project, told the Times of India that the dressing – which features bamboo alongside silver nanoparticles – was developed to facilitate several interconnected needs.

“An effective wound healing or a dressing material is needed that can cater moist environment to wound, prevent microbial infection and can be readily removed from the wound site without causing much pain,” he said.

In order to actually create the compounds and particles necessary for the dressing, the CIAB group joined forces with the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research and CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology.

Together, they were able to use bamboo leaves to isolate certain nanocrystals that can facilitate the wound healing process. Bamboo was chosen because of its unique molecular makeup, allowing the team to harvest those nanoparticles in a timely manner thanks to the plant’s growth rate. To test the use of the bamboo, the researchers applied the plant model to a series of lab rats. Within just two weeks, wounds had closed and hair follicles began to grow back, a promising signpost of effective wound care.

In addition, the bamboo was found to have antibacterial tendencies, preventing several different strains of bacteria from infecting wound sites. The team believes the bamboo dressings work by accelerating the growth of collagen fibers as well as immune cells associated with inflammation, two essential compounds for wounds to heal properly. And if all that weren’t enough, the bamboo was also able to prevent foul-smelling odors in most wounds.

Despite the promising results, the team explained to the Times of India that more tests will be performed, as they want to see the extent of the dressing’s wound healing capabilities.

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