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Combating Chronic Wound Pain

POSTED ON January 17, 2017  - POSTED IN Uncategorized, wound care

Pain management can often be about how you think about those issues.

Pain management can often be about how you process your thoughts and feelings.

In spring 2015, the National Institutes for Health released a study looking at the issue of chronic pain in America. In all, at least 11 percent of U.S. adults live with this ongoing pain, which stems from a number of ailments and medical conditions. That includes at least some portion of the 6.5 million Americans who cope with chronic wounds (per figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This pain can range from a mild annoyance to something profoundly debilitating.

Bamboo Used to Develop New Wound Care Dressing

POSTED ON January 6, 2017  - POSTED IN Uncategorized, Wound healing

These new bamboo dressings were found to accelerate wound healing as well as prevent issue with odors.

These new bamboo dressings were found to accelerate wound healing as well as prevent issue with odors.

Anyone who has even the faintest insight might be aware of the sheer number of unique material types used in the wound care industry.

There are the more traditional options, like collagen and hydrocolloid. While those options are relied on most often in hospital settings, researchers are continually making upgrades and improvements. Part of that expansion means new materials. For instance, fish have become a frequent source for wound dressings, as their skin contains several beneficial compounds. However, not all new dressing types are as organic; some feature computer technology to make monitoring a snap.

Now, another dressing-related breakthrough has emerged courtesy of a team of doctors from the Centre of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing in Punjabi, India.

Keeping an Eye on Someone Else’s Minor Wound

POSTED ON December 3, 2015  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

wound healing

It can be difficult to determine how a wound is healing on someone else.

Keeping tabs on someone else’s wound or injury can be tough. If you’re caring for someone who’s immobilized, making sure that there are no signs of infection on a wound that you can’t feel makes it more challenging than just caring for your own injuries. In order to minimize complication and infection and ensure wound healing in someone else, it’s best to take all of the precautions you can ahead of time.

3 Signs You Have an Infected Wound

POSTED ON September 21, 2015  - POSTED IN Uncategorized, Wound infections

infected wound

Skin irritations are one possible sign of infections.

In the wound healing process, one of the primary aims is to avoid infection at all costs. Depending upon the specific strain, these infections can have a sizable effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Yet these infections are not always avoidable. In fact, according to a survey published the U.K.’s Nosocomial Infection National Surveillance Service found that 10 percent of all hospital acquired infections were related to surgical wounds.

One of the ways to avoid infections is to know what to look out for within your body overall. There are a number of distinct signs of infection – including malaise, high fevers and continual pain – and staying cognizant of these is often the first step in any effective wound care management plan.

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