Maintains a moist environment for wound healing

Indications: Wounds with no to light/moderate amounts of exudate.

Contraindications: Wounds with heavy amounts of exudate (will cause exudate to pool in the wound bed).

Based on medical necessity, Medicare allows up to 12 per month per wound and by the ounce tubes are calculated on an individual basis.

  1. Clean wound with normal saline.
  2. Dry surrounding skin with sterile gauze pad.
  3. Select the appropriate size dressing for the wound. Be sure to allow at least 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches of attachment to healthy peri-wound skin.
  4. Remove the paper carrier from the dressing, center over the site and apply to skin using a "rolling" motion. Smooth it in place, especially around edges. Hold it in place for 30 seconds to maximize adhesive properties.
  5. Frame dressing with tape (unless the dressing has its own border). Thin films can be used to help prevent the dressing from rolling at the edges in high friction areas.
  1. Carefully press down onto skin and lift an edge of the dressing, continue around until all dressing edges are free.
  2. Repeat cleaning procedure.

Cover dressings are not necessary for most hydrocolloid dressings.