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Wound Care Terms for Effective Treatment

Wound Care Terms for Effective Treatment

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Education is often one of the best tools for a successful wound care regimen.

Education is often one of the best tools for a successful wound care regimen.

For the millions of patients worldwide coping with chronic wounds, education is a huge component of their regimen. The proper information and a thorough understanding of the medicine involved can be a huge help in ensuring that wounds heal properly. Part of that education begins with knowing the many, sometimes complicated terms involved within the wound care industry. In the past, we’ve explored several such terms, including those touching on the steps like wound debridement, the many kinds of dressings and much more.

Today, we’re expanding your wound care vocabulary by exploring nine new important terms:

1. Basal: This refers to anything that’s in the bottom-most layer. As it pertains to wound care that translates to issues with the inner-most layer of skin.

2.Callus: When skin becomes hardened or thickened, it’s then referred to as being callused. For the most part, these unique wounds are the result of either friction or pressure on a small skin segment.

3.Collagenase: This is a special enzyme that will actually break down the bonds of collagen. While that might sound harmful, collagenase is routinely used in ointments and lotions to help remove dead tissue and other debris from a wound bed.

4.Comorbidity: If someone is described as being comorbid, it means they have two medical conditions simultaneously. Though not always the cases, these comorbid ailments can interact, with one disease altering the effects of the other or interfering with treatment in general.

5.Dead space: Within a wound, any dead space is that where tissue, vessels or other matter are absent. This status is also referred to as being a cavity or simply a defect.

6. Epibole: When the skin edges around a wound begin the curl downward, this is referred to as being epiboly. This rolling can lead to wounds that don’t heal fully, which can result in infection and other complications.

7. Fasciotomy: The fascia is a collection of fibrous tissue that covers an organ or muscle. When those experience a loss of circulation, doctors will perform a fasciotomy to help relieve some of the pressure.

8. Gram stain: There are thousands of different bacterial types, many of which can cause harmful infections. To test for what bacteria is in a wound bed, doctors use the gram-negative test, which involves applying potassium and dye to match certain colors.

9. Hyperkeratosis: When faced with external trauma – like pressure or rubbing – the skin will activate the protein keratin, causing the hardening of the skin. Hyperkeratosis results in several different unique wounds or conditions, including warts, keratoses, eczema and Lichen plants.

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