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3 Ways to Incorporate Yoga into Your Life

3 Ways to Incorporate Yoga into Your Life

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yoga may be beneficial for some individuals

Gentle yoga may be beneficial for some individuals.


Patients can take many approaches to wound healing, first and foremost following their clinician’s directives. Feeling calmer overall can be one way to help a wound heal and promoting a sense of well-being from within can help a patient take his or her mind away from the trauma of an injury.

Yoga can be an excellent tool to assist with relaxing the mind and the body. Patients who want to attempt yoga  but are concerned about moving around too much need not worry. Many of the poses are static, and can be completed lying down or sitting. Of course, if standing is possible, there are a variety of poses for patients to try. Here are three easy ways to incorporate yoga into your wound care regimen.

Try chair yoga

Many of the popular yoga poses can be done from a seated position. Fitness Magazine selected 10 poses which range from a hip stretch, where one ankle is crossed over the opposing knee as the practitioner sits up straight and breathes in deeply, to the seated warrior pose. One leg is bent at the knee, foot flat on the floor, the other leg is outstretched to the side. The patient raises both hands up overhead and breathes deeply, repeating on both sides.

Yoga in bed

Lying down may feel more comfortable for some patients, and yoga exercises can be completed in bed. One great pose is the lying Goddess pose, where the patient remains on his or her back, bends the knees with feet flat on the bed, and then lets the knees fall open and apart. It can feel relaxing to put one hand on the belly and one hand on the heart while breathing deeply; this can help open the hips, according to

Simple standing yoga

Mountain pose might be the most accessible to many. Patients can stand with feet together, arms at their sides. They can then turn their palms out so they are facing front, bringing shoulders together in back, ensuring they are breathing deeply and evenly and keeping a straight spine.

Yoga helps bring awareness to the body and the deep and rhythmic breathing may help some patients feel more relaxed and comfortable. Of course, anyone who hopes to incorporate yoga into a wound care regimen should first check with a clinician who can advise what will be best for the body.

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