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Our philosophy is simple: when providing wound care supplies, Advanced Tissue is committed to ethics-based, compassion-focused assistance to clinicians and their patients.


Smart Pac – Each daily supply of advanced wound care dressings is packaged individually in an easy-open package. Confusion is reduced and compliance is increased for at-home patients. Plus the Smart Pac has customized messages for the patient thru web based and QR technology. The Smart Pac delivery packaging is also extremely beneficial for clinicians in the long term care setting since each package has the resident’s name clearly marked on each package.

Streamlined Billing – Advanced Tissue is a Medicare-participating provider. We bill Medicare first and any secondary insurance as applicable and then you, if a balance is due.

Overnight Shipping – Once the physician’s order is received, we verify insurance coverage and ship the supplies direct to the patient’s home or to the long term care facility.

WHY Use Advanced Tissue?

The Advanced Tissue Advantage

Simplicity – We realize wound care is complicated so we make getting needed wound care supplies easy. We have a one-page order form for clinicians, we only ship the supplies that are ordered, we put those supplies in customized Smart Pacs, Advanced Tissue’s unit dose packaging, and then ship direct to the patient at home or the resident in long term care facilities. We also provide:

  •  Overnight delivery on all new orders
  •  One point of contact
  •  Extensive advanced wound care product selection
  •  Fax confirmation when orders are received, as well as shipping confirmation
  •  Industry updates and educational offerings
  •  Customized packaging proven to improve patient compliance
  •  Insurance paperwork handling, including Medicare Part B

Leader in Wound Care

We don’t follow trends, we set them. That’s why Advanced Tissue is the recognized national leader in the delivery of wound care supplies. Wound care is our only business and we are experts. Founded in 1999 by Kevin Lamb – a health care entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in the industry – Advanced Tissue is the only supply-delivery company working in long term care facilities, hospices, and clinics seeing patients. This unique combined focus allows us to offer products tailored to the needs of clinicians and the individuals they serve.

Clinicians with patients at home:

  •  Supplies are shipped direct to the patient’s home in our convenient Smart Pac, unit dose packaging, which reduces confusion and improves compliance.
  •  The Smart Pac offers web based and QR code technology to provide customized messages to the patient
  •  There is one point of contact for the clinician and your patient.
  •  Clinics receive a status confirmation fax on all orders.
  •  We handle insurance paperwork.

Long term care facilities:

  •  We handle Medicare Part B billing for wound care supplies.
  •  Supplies are shipped in the Smart PacTM, Advanced Tissue’s unit dose packaging, with the resident’s name on each package.
  •  Facilities have the ability to reduce wound care supply expense.
  •  Prompt delivery with no charge for shipping.
  •  We support each facility’s product family.


  •  You order the wound care supplies necessary for your hospice patient.
  •  We bill the patient’s insurance for the supplies, so there is no charge to the hospice facility.
  •  We ship the supplies to your facility for your hospice patient, and there is no charge for shipping the supplies.

Our Philosophy

Simplifying the Challenge of Wound Care

You understand the importance of sticking to a doctor’s plan—especially when it comes to wound care. However, when at home, not having the proper dressings can hamper the healing process. Most pharmacies only carry a limited variety of wound care supplies, which can lead to substitution that may compromise the treatment plan and delay wound healing. With Advanced Tissue, clinician prescribes exactly what is needed, and we deliver it to the patient’s front door. Once delivered, our easy-open customized Smart PacTM, has every thing needed for one dressing change. With Advanced Tissue, it’s that simple.

Simplicity – Advanced Tissue makes changing wound dressings simple with our Smart Pac—by sending exactly what was prescribed, and nothing more.

Smart Pac – Advanced Tissue’s customized packaging, with web based and QR technology, reduces patient confusion, eliminates waste and helps the patient to be more compliant.

Streamlined Billing – Advanced Tissue is a Medicare participating provider. We bill Medicare first and any secondary insurance as applicable and then you, if a balance is due.

Direct Shipping – Once a patient visits their physician, they don’t have to leave home to get the wound care supplies needed for their treatment plan. Advanced Tissue sends the supplies ordered direct to their home.

No Substitutions – If a substitution is necessary, we always notify the patient or clinician prior to shipping supplies.

Importance of Compliance

We understand the importance of following the doctor’s plan – especially when it comes to wound care because the consequences of not following a clinician’s orders can be catastrophic.

We also know that, at times, it can be difficult to find the needed advanced wound care dressings. That’s why when a clinician places an order with Advanced Tissue, we make certain we promptly send exactly what is ordered. The order is delivered direct to the patient’s door in Advanced Tissue Smart Pacs, which are customized, easy-to-open, unit dose packages.


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