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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to many commonly asked questions about our products, billing, delivery and customer service. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Send your requests to us via email or call 1-877-811-6080.

What does Advanced Tissue do?

We provide wound care supplies to patients in the home setting as well as residents of long-term-care facilities.

Why choose Advanced Tissue?

We are unique in a number of ways including how we package the supplies we ship, shipping residents in both long-term-care as well as acute care patients and the fact that we only have one focus – wound care.

Why is your packaging so important?

The Smart Pac method of sending supplies to the patient is unique within the industry. Our customized Smart Pac reduces patient confusion, eliminates waste, helps the patient to be more compliant and in-turn reduces hospitalizations. Our mission is to eliminate the need for amputations due to wounds and we believe our Smart Pac is one step toward that.

Why is there a QR Code on each Smart Pac?

The QR code is a way for Advanced Tissue to provide helpful information. Each Smart Pac is unique and customized for the patient receiving the supplies. The clinic name will be included along with the supplies ordered and helpful video links.

How do I download a QR Code?

Step 1: Go to your app store from your mobile device (Smart Phone) to download a QR code reader app of your choice. There are many free apps to choose from.
Step 2: Open the QR code reader app and scan the QR code printed on the Smart Pac
Step 3: Click the links within your profile for helpful information.

Does Advanced Tissue offer benefits over local pharmacies?

Yes. We understand the importance of the relationship the local pharmacist has with those they serve and we don’t want to replace that; however, we can support the local pharmacist in helping those they service by providing advanced wound care supplies the typical pharmacy does not carry. In addition, we handle the insurance paperwork as well as ship the supplies direct to the patient’s home.

Who can a patient call if there is a question about their supply shipment?

Patients may call 1-877-811-6080 and speak with a customer service representative. During normal business hours, patients will have the chance to speak with a live representative for assistance.

How are the supplies delivered?

The supplies are sent direct to the patient home and are packed in unique Smart Pacs.  We put the supplies in these customized easy-opening packages to eliminate confusion and increase compliance.

Do patients receive a bill?

Yes. As required by Medicare, every patient that receives services paid by the Medicare program is responsible for the 20% not paid by Medicare. This amount is often covered by the patient’s secondary insurance; however, in the event the patient has no secondary insurance, he or she will be responsible for the balance due.

Do you provide wound care supplies to hospice patients?

Yes. Advanced Tissue has worked with hospice organizations since 2001 providing necessary wound care supplies to manage pain, reduce drainage and control infection of hospice patients. Wound care supplies can be provided to hospice patients for wounds not related to the terminal diagnosis.

How long will it take for patients to receive their dressings?

We begin working on the order as soon as we receive it and we ship all new orders via Federal Express. Once we have verified the insurance coverage, we will package and send dressings directly to the patient’s home or the long-term-care facility which is usually within 24 hours.

What else do you carry besides advanced wound care supplies?

We believe only when you have a singular focus can you become an expert. For us, our only focus is wound care.

Can unused supplies be returned?

We do not reuse supplies and therefore cannot take back supplies that have already been opened.  If you receive supplies in error, do not open the box and call us at 1-877-811-6080 immediately.

Do I pay anything extra to get supplies from Advanced Tissue?

No. We provide our service at no cost to clinicians.  As required by Medicare, DME suppliers are required to bill the patient the 20% not covered by Medicare. This amount is often covered by the patient’s secondary insurance; however, in the event the patient has no secondary insurance, he or she will be responsible for the balance due.

How do I know how much of the supplies to use each time I change the dressings?

We package supplies in customized individual Smart Pacs, each with enough supplies for one dressing change.  This eliminates confusion and helps with compliance.

What if a patient only needs Kerlix, Gauze and Tape? Can Advanced Tissue still supply them what is needed?

Yes, Advanced Tissue will gladly help a patient needing just Kerlix, Gauze, and Tape. Our research indicates that the retail cost of a daily change for Kerlix, Gauze, and Tape can exceed $100 for daily dressing changes. By taking advantage of our services, your patient’s out-of-pocket expense may be reduced.

Do you carry any silver dressings?

We carry a very thorough list of products including silvers. Please contact us to obtain our current product list.

How many supplies will you send?

We only send the amount of supplies the clinician orders for the patient.  In addition, we put those supplies in customized easy-opening Smart Pacs so the patient knows exactly how much to use during each dressing change. This delivery system eliminates confusion and we believe helps with compliance.

Is my patient going to get overloaded with supplies?

No. We only send the supplies ordered by the clinician and each month before sending the monthly supplies we call the patient to confirm the need for additional supplies.

Do you provide supplies to individuals in long-term-care facilities?

Yes. We work with both large corporations and small independently owned facilities.  In all cases, we provide supplies in unit dose packaging with the residents name on each package along with a sticker than can be used in the resident’s chart to note date of dressing change.

What do I do if more supplies are needed?

Call 1-877-811-6080 and let us know what you need. We will work with you to help get you the supplies you need.

Is Medicare the only insurance plan Advanced Tissue accepts?

No. We accept Medicare and commercial insurance from an extensive list of carriers, as well as Medicaid in select states. Each commercial insurance policy is different and, unlike some in the industry, we verify all insurance coverage before shipping product so the patient is in complete control of their out-of-pocket expenses.

Who is responsible for getting the insurance authorization for the supplies?

We are!

Who will fill out insurance claim forms?

As part of our service, we handle all claim paperwork.

Does Advanced Tissue take commercial insurance?

Yes, we accept most commercial insurance plans. To find out if a commercial insurance company is accepted, please call 1-877-811-6080 and ask for customer service.

Can you tell me more about the information found within the Advanced Tissue website?

The information found within the Advanced Tissue website is intended to be a general public resource tool and should be used on a voluntary basis. Information found within the site is not related to any treatment plan or specific healthcare recommendation. Individuals should always consult their physician or healthcare provider for specific information related to their specific healthcare condition.

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