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Advantages of Using Collagen in Wound Care

Advantages of Using Collagen in Wound Care

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collagen dressings in wound care

Collagen dressings can assist with minor to extensive wounds.

The benefits of using collagen to advance wound healing are vast and rewarding. Applying collagen fibers or dressings to a wound to stimulate tissue growth can provide relief for a wide variety of injuries. While bandages infused with the protein are typically more expensive than other wound dressings, the overall advantages attributed to collagen fibers are priceless. Here are a few of the primary reasons using collagen in wound care can adhere to the healing necessities of injured patients:

Heals a variety of wounds

Collagen helps migrate numerous types of cells, including fibroblasts and keratinocytes, to the wound, which plays a major role in boosting tissue growth in a wound bed. These properties can help assist clinicians with debridement of infected tissues in a wound and encourage natural growth to occur. Collagen dressings are suitable for an abundance of wound types, including:

  • Bed sores
  • Minor burns
  • Foot ulcers
  • Chronic wounds
  • Large open cuts

Its flexibility and comfort to a patient makes collagen a go-to dressing when it comes to wound healing. The only specific types of wounds that cannot be treated with collagen fibers are third-degree burns, injuries that have formed into eschars or burnt dead tissue or a patient possessing allergic symptoms to cattle, bird or swine products.

Downplaying infection

Another beneficial aspect to using a collagen dressing is its ability to reduce occurrences of wound infection. Collagen can help control instances of bio-burden from occurring, which essentially is the buildup of bacteria inhabiting a surface before it has been sterilized. By layering a barrier between the wound and the surrounding bacteria, as well as its production of spreading antimicrobial agents around the wound, the overall risk of infection is decreased.

Minimize irritation

Collagen dressings typically possess non-adherent qualities so the dressing will stay compressed while feeling loose, eliminating the dressing sticking to the dried secretions of the injured area. However, cover dressings will be needed when using a collagen dressing. When combined with its characteristics of staying soft, as well as producing an ideal moist environment for the wound, collagen fibers can help lower irritation and discomfort. Collagen dressings can typically stay applied to a wound for around seven days, also minimizing switching bandages.

Comes in all shapes and sizes

Gels, pastes, powders and pads, you name it and it has a collagen form. The dressings available with this fiber can also cover an extensive variety of wound sizes, from condensed acute scrapings to spreading chronic injuries, further proving its ability to treat lesions of all dimensions.

Advanced Tissue carries a wide variety of collagen products from a number of well known manufacturers including: DermaRite – DermaCol, Hollister – Endoform, Human BioScience – SkinTemp, MPM – Triple Helix, Smith & Nephew – BioStep, Southwest Technologies – Stimulen and Systagenix – Prisma, Promogran & Fibracol.


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