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Global Hydrogel Market Expected to Grow

POSTED ON April 26, 2018  - POSTED IN Wound healing

The global hydrogel market is expected to grow, driven by aging populations and product effectiveness.

Wound care remains in increasing demand as many developed countries start to experience aging populations. Hydrogel, a bandage made from an amorphous mass that is designed to mimic the shape of the wound it is applied to, is an important part of the wound care sector.

Researchers Examine Link Between Wound Healing and Time of Day

POSTED ON January 17, 2018  - POSTED IN Wound healing

Can the time of day a wound occurs affect the healing process? Research suggests it might be a factor.


In addition to where a wound is located and how it developed, researchers now also believe that the time of day you get your wound may have something to do with how it heals and the type of wound care you receive as well.

New Gel Shows Promise in Wound Treatment and Closing

POSTED ON January 10, 2018  - POSTED IN Wound healing

Researchers are developing a gel that not only closes wounds but can help heal them as well.

Closing a wound with a surgical procedure is an effective method of promoting the wound healing process and the most common methods involve the use of sutures or stapling the wound shut.

However, these methods may not prove to be successful until weeks later when it’s time to remove the stitches or staples. And even then, there may turn out to be leaks or drainage that requires further closing.

Know the Colors that Indicate Wound Healing Stages

POSTED ON December 6, 2017  - POSTED IN Wound healing

A gel created from blood pressure medicine is showing promise as a treatment for chronic wounds.

The color of a wound can tell you a lot about the progress of treatment.

Color is often used as a signal and to issue a warning: think stoplights and fire trucks. It’s an instantly recognizable way to indicate the condition of healing wounds, of which you need to be aware.

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