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Hospital Takes Multidisciplinary Approach to Burns

Hospital Takes Multidisciplinary Approach to Burns

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Presbyterian hospital in New York is taking a multi-tiered approach to treating burns.

Presbyterian hospital in New York is taking a multi-tiered approach to treating burns.


Caring for burns, regardless of severity, is one of the more complicated approaches in the entirety of the wound care industry. Given the depth of these injuries, and how easy it easy to make large-scale mistakes, researchers are always finding new ways to treat burns.

In the last few months alone, there have been a number of exciting developments, including a SkinGun that uses stem cells to repair burns and a video game system to help patients cope with dressing changes.

Now, a group of doctors from the New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center are taking a slightly different approach to treating burns.

A tag-team effort 

As outlined in a press release from the hospital, the team at Presbyterian has recently launched an exciting new multidisciplinary approach to treating and support burn patients. Dr. James Gallagher heads the Hearst Burn Center at Presbyterian. In the statement, he explained that this new approach is about treating every single aspect of the person, from the burn itself to any resulting emotional trauma or fallout.

As such, the team at Presbyterian utilizes a wide array of professionals, including trauma doctors, social workers, chaplains, psychologists and general physicians, among others. It’s about building a comprehensive approach to burns, a way to support patients through every step of what can be a lengthy experience. That entire process begins with the medicine, and as a level-one trauma center, Presbyterian utilizes a whole suite of modern tools. That includes a specialized skin bank and hyperbaric oxygen therapies, plus in-house research courtesy of a program with Weill Cornell’s Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress.

One of the most exciting medical developments used by Presbyterian are multi-day dressings, which last longer and thus don’t require frequent and painful changes. Aide treating the actual injuries, the team at Presbyterian offers emotional support for patients and a public education program. The aim is to teach people the reality of burns, how to avoid them and dealing with the full scope of these injuries.

Given everything his team does, is Presbyterian’s approach thus far successful? While Gallagher and the hospital didn’t prove concrete stats, he said they’ve already touched the lives of dozens of patients, an effort they hope to continue as they further streamline this multi-tiered approach.

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