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Research: Speeding Up the Healing Process

Research: Speeding Up the Healing Process

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speeding up the healing process

Researchers aim to develop ways to help damaged tissue heal more quickly.

Wound care and healing are frequently the topics of advanced research: many hope to better understand and speed up the healing process while helping people heal more comfortably. New research from Vanderbilt University and the National Science Foundation aims to discover a new method for assisting the healing process.

According to the non-technical research abstract for the research project,  “Engineering a Pro-Vasculogenic Capillary Network Regulating Host Responses,” scientists are trying to discover a way to help wounded tissue connect  with artificial blood vessels and tissues to provide a bridge, of sorts, to the healthy tissue, thus enabling the body to send blood and nutrients to the area in question. The “artificial” tissue will eventually become what the scientists call an “impenetrable scaffold” over the unhealthy, wounded tissue, connecting two healthy areas together. This will enable the damaged cells to continue to receive blood and oxygen and to eventually heal. The scientists hope to speed up the rate at which the damaged tissue regenerates in wounded areas with large blood vessel networks using substances that work in tandem with the body and keep the wounded area free from infection or invasive pathogens. delved deeper into what the scientists are hoping to create. According to the source, the team is essentially creating polymer fibres  and looking to combine them with hydrogels, which are used to keep a wound moist and promote healing. These fibres are so strong that research is also being conducted into creating lighter bulletproof vests for soldiers by weaving together the polymers

These fibers are being compared to cotton candy, in that they are also created by being “spun” in a similar-looking machine to the one that makes the fairground confection.

This research may eventually be promising for clinicians who care for individuals with chronic, potentially life-threatening wounds. It may have applications in the emergency room, in addition to assisting the healing of surgical wounds.

For at-home wound care, it is a good plan to always have some form of a first-aid kit available. This should include large sterile bandages, peroxide, antibacterial spray, non-stick gauze pads and smaller bandages for accidents. Those suffering from more extreme wounds will likely receive the right wound care supplies from the clinician or hospital with directions on how to promote healing and keep the wound healthy and clean.

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