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Avoid These Common At-Home Wound Care Mistakes

POSTED ON August 8, 2014  - POSTED IN wound care

emergency wound care

Always head straight to the emergency room when dealing with a stab wound.

Let’s face it, very few of us are experts when it comes to wound care. Injuries sustained at home are always spontaneous, and it can be hard to think clearly while trying to treat a wound. While a minor paper cut or a little bump on the head can easily be treated with widely known remedies, most severe injuries tend to stir panic, leading to irrational judgment of how to adhere to the wound. Here are a few tips to remember in case these occasions of emergency arise:

When to Seek Medical Treatment for a Burn

POSTED ON July 21, 2014  - POSTED IN Burn wounds, wound care

summer burn wound care

The sun can be your best friend in the summer, and also your biggest enemy to your skin.

Summer is in full swing, and it’s the time of the season for taking dips in the pool, staying active outdoors and unfortunately for many, getting burnt. Burn wound care is an often overlooked aspect to the summer, and knowing when your skin is starting to show signs that you need medical treatment is essential in avoiding further infection or disease spreading bacteria. From staying out in the sun too long, brushing against the grill or lighting fireworks, there are all sorts of unforeseen ways to scorch yourself. Here are a few indications that your skin might be more burnt than you thought, how to treat minor burns before they progress into more severe injuries and when to know that it’s time to see a clinician for your skin condition.

Treating a Burn Versus a Wound

POSTED ON June 18, 2014  - POSTED IN wound care

treating a burn wound

Know how to immediately treat a burn or acute wound can prevent further complications

Tending to a burn and treating a wound are two separate procedures when it comes to medical treatment. Both require different healing techniques that can prove costly if used on the wrong injury. Here are a few general guidelines when it comes to treating burn wounds and typical acute wounds.

The Potential Risks of Burn Wounds

POSTED ON May 8, 2014  - POSTED IN Wound healing

burn wound care

Inflammation is a common symptom of burn wounds.

According to the American Burn Association, in 2013, more than 450,000 people were administered to hospitals for burn related wounds. Burn wound care is a serious subject that needs more awareness provided to the general public. The symptoms associated with injuries sustained through fires, explosions or smoke inhalation can have a devastating impact on your body, and can potentially lead to wound infection. Here are just a few of the risks that can develop if your burn wound is left untreated:

Best Practices to Fight Infection in Burn Wounds

POSTED ON April 3, 2014  - POSTED IN Burn wounds, wound care

burn wound care

Burn wound dressings can be complemented by surprising side treatments.

Burn wounds can become easily infected – with many layers of the outer tissues left without any protective measure, opportune bacteria and viruses that can easily encroach on the area. However, in addition to covering the burn with the appropriate wound dressings and coverings, patients can complement their burn wound care efforts in other ways.

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