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7 Tips to Maximize Reimbursement of Wound Care Treatments Covered by Medicare

POSTED ON April 11, 2014  - POSTED IN wound care, Wound care products

Medicare reimbursement

Proper documentation during wound care treatments can maximize Medicare reimbursement.

A patient’s Medicare coverage for wound care treatment is impacted by the documents submitted. If reimbursement is denied wound care supply cost can add up quickly. In order to take full advantage of the current healthcare rules for coverage, clinicians should be aware of best practices ensuring maximum reimbursement.

Wound Care, Medicare and Hospice

POSTED ON March 26, 2014  - POSTED IN wound care

hospice care

Most services related to hospice care are covered by Medicare.

Wound care during hospice is often a very personal endeavor – for many patients, wounds can be a source of embarrassment, costly and even limit the amount of mobility that the individual once had. Because of this, it is important to explore all options before the care is provided. If you are currently utilizing Medicare benefits but are exploring your hospice care options that are covered, read on:

What Does Medicare Cover in Wound Supplies?

POSTED ON January 14, 2014  - POSTED IN wound care, Wound healing

surgical wound supplies

Surgical wound supplies are covered by Medicare Part B.

Medicare is offered in a variety of forms, so it is important to find the right coverage for yourself, your financial situation and your condition. If you are looking into wound care options, here are a few details to consider:

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